Oscars 2014 Nominations: Our Predictions for Oscars 2014 Best Actor Nominations

Oscars 2014 Nominations Rush: The race of Best Actor Oscar this year is really competitive. We have seen some of the greatest performances from both veteran actors that are sure-shot inclusion in the top Oscars 2014 nominations for Best Actor. The actors with upcoming movies in the upcoming months will have to deliver a ground-breaking performance in order to move up the order for the nominations.

All is Lost Robert Redford best actor oscar Oscars 2014 Nominations: Our Predictions for Oscars 2014 Best Actor Nominations

Robert Redford is everybody’s favorite for the Oscar 2014 Best Actor nomination.

Here’s the scenario for now: the five top frontrunners for the Best Actor Oscar nomination are Chiwetel Ejiofer [ for his profound performance in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave ], Robert Redford [ for his intriguing performance in the ocean drama All is Lost in which he plays a man who’s lost at the sea ], Matthew McConaughey [ for his absorbing performance in Dallas Buyers Club in which he plays a drugs smuggler who smuggles life saving drugs in the country ], Bruce Dern [ for his masterful performance in Nebraska in which he plays a man with deteriorating health condition set on a journey from Montana to Nebraska to win a million dollar lottery prize ] and Tom Hanks [ for his engaging performance in Paul Greengrass’s Captain Phillips in which he plays the role of a pilot of a hijacked plane which he subsequently rescues from the hijackers ].

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This will be the first time Oscar nomination chance for Chiwetel Ejiofer, Bruce Dern and Matthew McConaughey, however, Robert Redford and Tom Hanks have already been nominated for the Best Actor. Tom Hanks has won two Oscars but Robert Redford has won one Oscar for his directorial Ordinary People. Interestingly, Matthew McConaughey and Tom Hanks might get a double Oscar nomination – Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks [which is expected to be another runner for Oscar nomination]  and Matthew McConaughey for Mud [ I'd vote for his performance in Mud as well - very subtle but it was impactful ]and Dallas Buyers Club. 

12 years a slave photo best actor oscar Oscars 2014 Nominations: Our Predictions for Oscars 2014 Best Actor Nominations

Chiwetel Ejiofor is everybody’s favorite for the Oscar 2014 Best Actor nomination.

Besides our top five favorites, let’s not forget five other stunning performance that could potentially move up the order. Those are: Joaquin Phoenix [ for his unconventional performance in Her as compared to his totally different performance in last year’s The Master ], Oscar Issac [ for his intricate performance in Inside Llewyn Davis ], Forest Whitaker [ for his towering performance in Lee Daniels’ The Butler ], Michael B. Jordon [for his silent but shout-out performance in Fruitvale Station ] and Hugh Jackman [ for his gripping performance in Prisoners ].

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Last but not the least, Christian Bale of Batman’s fame is another potential frontrunner whose two upcoming movies are both looking great with respect to his acting performance: David O. Russell’s American Hustle [ releasing on December 13th ] - in which he plays a flamboyant and showy character – and Scot Cooper’s Out of the Furnace  [releasing on December 6th ]in which he plays a thrilling role of a brother. Leonardo DiCaprio, another contestant who has a big movie coming up – Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street [releasing on December 15th ]which is expected to be a certain Oscar-nomination for Best Film.

There are a few others as well in our predictions, but those will be listed below.


Predictions for Best Actor Oscar 2014 Nominations

These are our predictions for this year’s Oscars nominations for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The Favorite Five: 

1. Chiwetel Ejiofer: 12 Years a Slave [2013]
2. Bruce Dern: Nebraska [2013]
3. Matthew McConaughey: Dallas Buyers Club [2013]
4. Robert Redford: All Is Lost [2013]
5. Tom Hanks: Captain Phillips [2013] – will he complete an Oscars trinity?

Potential Favorites – will have to watch and see:

6. Leonardo DiCaprio: The Wolf of Wall Street [2013]- will he finally get an Oscar this time?
7. Christian Bale: American Hustle [2013]
8. Christian Bale: Out of Furnace [2013]

These might move up the order:

9. Joaquin Phoenix: Her [2013]
10. Forest Whitaker: The Butler [2013]
11. Oscar Isaac: Inside Llewyn Davis [2013]

Couldn’t ignore these fellas: 

12. Idris Elba: Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom [2013]
13. Michael B. Jordan: Fruitvale Station [2013]
14. Hugh Jackman: Prisoners [2013]


Once again, the nominations for the Oscars 2014 will be announced on Jan 16, 2014 at 8:30 am ET. 

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